Five Ways Leaders Help Others Belong, Not Just Fit In

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There’s a big difference between fitting in and belonging. In fact, fitting in can be one of the biggest barriers to belonging, says researcher and author Brené Brown. Fitting in is about assessing…

Russ Bergeman‘s insight:

This is a great piece that describes the challenge that many organizations deal with on a daily basis – the difference between employees fitting in and truly belonging. The most productive employees, those who are engaged, feel a sense of belonging, not just fitting in.

Although leaders can play a role in developing a culture of engagement, it really starts with the hiring process. I am a major proponent of implementing a scientifically and validated assessment tool (e.g., ProfileXT) to help on-board the “right” people who will have a more natural fit within the organization.

It may seem relatively easy for people to “adapt” in order to execute in a job or career. But, eventually, this will catch up with employees and show up in their overall work performance. When an organization hires people who will culturally belong leaders have more time to concentrate on other high payoff activities.

To learn more about the ProfileXT and it use for on-boarding, promoting, team-building, etc., visit – or contact me –

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